Lynn Maxfield, MA, PhD

Lynn Maxfield, PhD, is the Director of the Utah Center for Vocology and Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at the University of Utah’s School of Music.  He also serves as the contracted Voice Coach at the Utah of Utah Voice Disorders Center and is the Associate Editor of the Mindful Voice column of the NATS Journal of Singing. He holds a PhD in Voice Pedagogy and an MA in Voice Performance, both from the University

Financial Disclosure: Dr. Maxfield has no financial relationships to disclose. 

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​​Paper Presentation - Singing After SLN Injury: A Case Study

18 months ago, a singer came to me with a complex history and a humble, albeit down-hearted request. She wrote - “I realize I can never sing in public again or even in church or community choirs, but I would like not to be embarrassed singing with my family, including with my grandchildren who miss me not singing with them.” Treatments for acromegaly and thyroid cancer had left her with an injured superior laryngeal nerve, soft-tissue swelling of the head and neck, and a fear that she would never sing again. This singer began working with me after an extended course of voice therapy, which had restored functionality of her voice to the degree necessary for her career as an attorney. However, with more than a year having passed since her nerve injury, she was given little hope of continued improvement to her voice quality or pitch range. I agreed to work with her in continued consultation with her voice therapists to help extend her functional voice and explore strategies to find a sustainable singing technique. This talk will outline our habilitative process and the resultant improvements in this woman’s singing-related quality of life.

Panel - Thought Experiments in Voice Pedagogy​
There is a saying that “many roads lead to Rome.” This could be applied to a variety of approaches teachers use to guide singers toward efficient and artistic singing. Using YouTube clips to stimulate conversation, the panelists will discuss their individual approaches to facilitating a change technically or artistically based on their observations.