Panel - Pulling Back the Curtain: The Performer Undergoes Surgery

​A multi-disciplinary approach is imperative to rehabilitate a singer with an injured voice. This presentation will demonstrate the importance of collaboration during the rehabilitative process and the importance of the voice team approach.

​Panel - Thought Experiments in Voice Pedagogy​
There is a saying that “many roads lead to Rome.” This could be applied to a variety of approaches teachers use to guide singers toward efficient and artistic singing. Using YouTube clips to stimulate conversation, the panelists will discuss their individual approaches to facilitating a change technically or artistically based on their observations.

Financial Disclosure: Dr. Ragan receives royalties from her publication, “A Systematic Approach to Voice: The Art of Studio Application" through Plural Publishing. 

Non-Financial Disclosure: ​Dr. Ragan is a member of the conference planning committee. She has no other non-financial relationships to disclose.

Kari Ragan, DMA, SVS

Singer, author, and voice pedagogue, Kari Ragan holds degrees from the University of Washington (DMA), and Indiana University (MM, BM). Dr. Ragan was the recipient of the prestigious Van. L. Lawrence Award (2012), the NATS Foundation Pedagogy Award (2009), the Wicklund Singing Voice Specialist Certificate (2010), and was selected to be a Master Teacher for the NATS Intern Program in June 2021. Dr. Ragan works in affiliation with the University of Washington Laryngology program to help rehabilitate singers with injured voices. She has maintained a thriving Independent Voice Studio for nearly forty years and served on the voice faculty at the University of Washington teaching Applied Voice, Voice Pedagogy, and more. Dr. Ragan serves as the NATS Advancement Committee Chair and the moderator of NATS Chats. She is the co-founder and organizer of the Northwest Voice: Art and Science of the Performing Voice Conference, a multi-disciplinary meeting held annually in Seattle, Washington. Plural Publishing released her book A Systematic Approach to Voice: The Art of Studio Application in 2020. Other publications and information can be found at