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Aaron M. Johnson, MM, PhD, CCC-SLP

Aaron M. Johnson, MM, PhD, CCC-SLP, is a researcher and clinical speech–language pathologist at the New York University Voice Center. He uses translational research methods to examine the effects of vocal training on laryngeal neuromuscular mechanisms in the aging larynx. His primary clinical interest is treating voice disorders in performers. Both his research and clinical interests stem from his previous decade-long career as a professional classical singer and teacher of singing.

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION - Exercising the aging voice

Biological aging is a cumulative, progressive, intrinsic, and deleterious process that affects our entire body, including the voice. Despite these biological changes, the functional effects of aging are quite variable. Older adults who remain active and exercise can increase the strength and endurance of their muscles, thereby preventing or reducing the rate of functional decline. However, whether vocal exercise can achieve the same goals remains unclear. This presentation will discuss the typical biological changes in the subsystems of the voice that occur with advanced age, including muscle atrophy and hormonal transitions (menopause), and how principles of exercise physiology may apply to the voice to help individuals successfully speak and sing into advanced age.  

Panel - Breaking Habits: How We Undo Tendencies and Habits in our Students and Patients