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Sid Khosla, MD

Dr. Khosla a Professor and Vice-Chair for Research in the department of Otolaryngology at the University of Cincinnati. He is a surgeon scientist. His clinical work focuses on voice and airway disorders. He is nationally known for his expertise in vocal cord paralysis, airway reconstruction, and treatment of the singers and other professional voice users. He was also on the Board for the Cincinnati Opera for several years. In addition to his clinical expertise, Dr. Khosla is a leader in the research field pioneering new techniques to treat voice disorders. The work focuses on the underlying mechanisms of voice production and vocal fold vibration using engineering techniques. He has been funded by the NIH for the last sixteen years.

Financial Disclosure: Dr. Khosla is receiving an honorarium from NW Voice for presenting. He has no other financial relationships to disclose.

Non-Financial Disclosure: ​Dr. Khosla has no non-financial relationships to disclose.