​Mary Sandage, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor and Director of the Voice Physiology Laboratory in the Dept. of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at Auburn University. After earning national recognition for her clinical expertise in the areas of singing voice wellness and rehabilitation, chronic cough, and PVFM, Dr. Sandage earned a Ph.D. in Exercise Science at Auburn University School of Kinesiology. Her research interests merge the disciplines of exercise science and voice science for a focus on voice and upper airway physiology. Recent research interests include healthcare access disparities. Dr. Sandage is a Fellow of the American Speech Language Hearing Association.

​KEYNOTE PRESENTATION - Voice Fatigue: Implications for Performers

Framing professional voice use within the context of muscle physiology and muscle training provides new considerations for performing voice training. Voice fatigue has long been regarded as something to be avoided. Exercise science suggests that physiological fatigue is actually something to be planned and trained for to reduce change of injury and promote faster recovery. This lecture will review basic muscle physiology aspects of fatigue and fatigue-resistance training within the context of performing voice.

Financial Disclosure: Dr. Sandage is receiving an honorarium from NW Voice for presenting. She has no other financial relationships to disclose.

Non-Financial Disclosure: â€‹Dr. Sandage has no non-financial relationships to disclose.