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Panel: Useful Lies: Pseudoscience in the Voice Studio and Clinic

This panel will discuss phrases and ideas often used in the voice studio and clinic that could be considered “useful lies.” We often have to simplify complicated scientific ideas to help clients facilitate a change in vocal efficiency. The panel will examine some of our favorite “useful” lies and explore fact and fiction.

Sarah Maines, DMA

Hailed as a “natural, most charming” performer, mezzo-soprano Sarah Maines’ favorite roles include Margaret in The Light in the Piazza, Claudia in Nine, and Maurya in Riders to the Sea. Dr. Maines is a member of the Portland Opera Chorus, voice faculty at the University of Portland and Reed College, and served on the Cascade Chapter board of the National Association of Teachers of Singing for seven years. She frequently performs with Portland companies and ensembles such as Fear No Music, Resonance Ensemble, Broadway Rose Theatre, Lakewood Theatre, and Mocks Crest Opera. As a practicing singing voice specialist, Dr. Maines administers voice habilitation to singers referred by Dr. James Thomas and other area laryngologists and speech-language pathologists. A Lessac-Madsen and Casper-Stone Confidential Flow Therapy Clinical Provider, she is certified in Contemporary Commercial Music; the LoVetri Method, and completed training in transgender and non-binary voice pedagogy with Liz Jackson Hearns of The Voice Lab. Dr. Maines holds a BA in music from Berea College and MM and DMA degrees in voice pedagogy from Shenandoah Conservatory. She is a published researcher who presented at the Voice Foundation Annual Symposium and the Pan-European Voice Conference and frequently lectures on vocal health, pathology, and function. Dr. Maines previously served on the voice faculty at the Shenandoah Conservatory Arts Academy, Patrick Henry College, and Trinity Washington University. She lives in Portland with Jasper, her faithful four-legged hiking companion.