Panel: Postcards from the Fringe: Interesting Clinical Cases

Presentation: Surgical approaches to voice pitch modification

This presentation will explore potential surgical tools for altering pitch and resonance. Approaches covered will include Cricothyroid approximation, Laser reduction/tightening, Glottoplasty/webbing, Laryngoplasty (feminization), Thyrohyoid elevation, and Pharyngoplasty (narrowing).

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James P. Thomas, MD

James P. Thomas, M.D. subspecialized in laryngology in 1998. He enjoyed learning from pioneers in the field1 from Europe to China.

Known around the world for his YouTube channel, VOXDOC - the voicedoctor and website voicedoctor. net; offering referrals, photographs and video instruction on voice disorder diagnosis; for his teaching methods on diagnosing voice disorders and for his writing. His publication, “Why is there a frog in my throat? — A guide to hoarseness” offers young laryngologists insights into the function of the human vocal cords. Interactive teaching on diagnosis is online at

His controversial perspectives on the voice, including diagnosis by listening to the voice and the critisicm of overuse of anti-reflux medication in laryngology, lead to thoughtful discussion about the mechanisms of injury to the vocal cords. He has pioneered Feminization laryngoplasty, a transgender laryngeal surgery to alter comfortable speaking pitch and vocal range.

He has published in academic journals on denervation, reflux laryngitis (or lack thereof), spasmodic dysphonia treatment and transgender surgery. He has authored textbook chapters including the Nerurkar’s Laryngology, Salgado’s Gender Affirmation surgery, Prasad & Remacle’s Advances in neurolaryngology, Chandrsekar’s Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America Gender Affirmation in Otolaryngology: Compassion and Techniques.