Resources related to this webinar:

Maximing Zoom Audio 
Enter your Zoom meeting 
Locate the “microphone” symbol on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen (next to the “video” symbol) 
Click on the ^ arrow to the right of the microphone to open “audio settings” 
When you enter “audio settings”, uncheck the box next to “automatically adjust microphone volume” (so this setting is turned OFF) 
Next, go to the lower right-hand corner and click the button titled “Advanced” 
Check the box next to “show in-meeting option to enable original sound” (so this setting is turned ON)  

Technology Applications  
Loopback ( 
Loopback in addition to PRAAT (per Sandy Hirsch, SLP) 
VoiceEvalU8 (  

Voice Care during the Era of COVID-19 | 6-23-20