Albert Merati, MD

Albert Merati, M.D., is a surgeon and chief of Laryngology at UW Medicine's Head and Neck Surgery Center.

Dr. Merati believes the secret to caring for the patient is caring about the patient. He has a long association with UW Medical Center, and actually had his tonsils removed at the UW as a child.

Dr. Merati earned his M.D. at the UW. He has clinical expertise in office-based and operative laryngology, including complex airway, voice and swallowing. This includes vocal fold paralysis, surgery for dysphagia/aspiration (including Zenker's), and endoscopic and open surgery for airway stenosis and laryngeal cancer. 

Dr. Merati's research has related to the better understanding the dominant clinical issues facing patients, including diagnostic testing and treatment of vocal fold paralysis, surgical management of airway stenosis, the impact of reflux on laryngeal disorders and tracheotomy complications.

In his free time Dr. Merati enjoys spending time with his three favorite people in the world, his wife Jenny, his little dude Solomon (born 2009) and their youngest, Rose (born 2013). 

​  Panel: Thought Experiments in Voice Pedagogy

  This panel will discuss phrases and ideas often used in the voice studio and clinic that could be considered “useful lies.” We often have to       simplify complicated scientific ideas to help clients facilitate a change in vocal efficiency. The panel will examine some of our favorite “useful”   lies and explore fact and fiction.

Financial Disclosure: Dr. Merati has no financial relationships to disclose. 

Non-Financial Disclosure:
 Dr. Merati is a member of the conference planning committee. He has no other non-financial relationships to disclose.