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2024 Program

The conference is held at Alder Hall on the University of Washington Campus, 1310 NE 40th. St, Seattle, WA.

Please click on the presenters names for descriptions of their sessions and biographical information.

​Friday, May 3, 2024

8:00 Registration
8:30-8:45 Welcome and Opening Remarks (
Albert Merati, MD
Kari Ragan, DMA, and Andrew Lee, CCC-SLP)


8:45-9:15 Intro to Stroboscopy (Neel Bhatt, MD)
9:15-9:45 Bridging the Gap: Musical and Pedagogical Terms for Voice Care Professionals (
Kari Ragan, DMA)

9:45-10:45 Get over it! Application of the Overload Principal in the Clinical and Studio Setting (
Marci Rosenberg, BM, MS, CCC-SLP)

10:45-11:15 BREAK

11:15-11:30 Use Related Vocal Fold Lesions (
Brandon Kim, MD)
11:30-11:45 Push, Squeeze, or Stretch? Training Optimal Pitch Changing Methods in the Voice Studio (
Melissa Treinkman, DMA)
11:45-12:00 Using Spectral Moment Analysis to Quantify the Acoustic Differences Between Opera and Musical Theatre Styles in Treble Voices (
Violet Joy Hansen, BA, BFA, MFA)
12:00-12:15 Fear No Sound: Exploring Pedagogies for Rough Vocal Effects (RVEs) in Popular Music (
May Oskan)
12:15-12:30 Q&A with presenters

12:30-1:45 LUNCH ON YOUR OWN

1:45-2:15 Teaching Intense Belt Effectively and Safely (
John Henny)

2:15-2:30 Let it Go! How Breath Conservation Patterns in Singers Contribute to Conversation Related Vocal Fatigue (
Juli Rosenzweig, MS, CCC-SLP)

2:30-3:15 Clinical SVS Workshop (
Marci Rosenberg, BM, MS, CCC-SLP)

3:15-3:30 BREAK

3:30-4:30 Videos on Videos: Teaching Voice in the TikTok Era: Panel Discussion (
Nick Klein, DMA, moderator; Blake Cline, Cate Frazier-Neely, MM, Christie Rotarius, BM, MM; Jae Bernado BM; Vicki St. Pierre, DMA)

Saturday, May 4, 2024

8:00 Registration
8:25-8:30 Overview/Questions (
Albert Merati, MD, Kari Ragan, DMAand Andrew Lee, CCC-SLP)

8:30-9:30 On the Road Again: Essential Items for the Touring Toolkit (
Steve Sims, MD)

9:30-10:30 Snake Oil or Sage Advice: Medical Evidence, Opinions and Superstitions to Keep the Performing Larynx Healthy (
J.P. Giliberto, MD, moderator; Brandon Kim, MD; Jaime Chang, MDSteve Sims, MD; Craig Villari, MD)

10:30-11:00 BREAK

11:00-11:30 Restoring Musical Expression in the Motor Impaired (
Thomas Deuel, MD, PhD)
11:30-12:00 Making Play a Part of Practice: Targeting "Bottom up” via “Top Down” (
Heidi Moss Erickson, B. Arts Biology; B.Mus, MSci)
12:00-12:15 Voice Therapy for the Neurodivergent Performer (
Alex Schenk, MS, CCC-SLP)
12:15-12:30 Mindfulness of Singing Through Meditation Practice (
Carolina Botero, DMA)

12:30-1:30 LUNCH ON YOUR OWN

1:30-2:00 The Cognitive Value of the Third-Person Perspective in Voice Training (
Lynn Helding, MM)

2:00-2:30 A Conceptual Framework for “Reorganizing” the Tongue/Jaw Dyad (
Marci Rosenberg, BM, MS, CCC-SLP)

2:30-3:00 Potpourri Q/A (questions submitted by lunch Saturday) (
Al Merati, MD & Kari Ragan, DMA)

3:00-3:15 BREAK

3:15-4:45 MASTERCLASS with 
John Henny

4:45-5:00 Wrap up: What Did We Learn the Past Two Days? (
Al Merati, Steve Sims, Marci Rosenberg, John Henny)​​



We are excited to host you for a fantastic weekend of learning that blends art and science of the voice.