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Learning Outcomes

As a result of this activity the participant will be able to:

  1. identify and describe the scientific, physiologic, clinical and pedagogical perspectives associated with the training, assessment, and treatment of the performing voice.
  2. list the common characteristics and symptoms of the injured performer.

  3. summarize the medical/surgical versus behavioral treatment of voice disorders in performers.

  4. identify the characteristics of safe and efficient voice use by, and the appropriate voice training of performers.

  5. describe the appropriate professionals involved in working with the injured performing voice and each professional’s responsibilities.

The Art and Science of the Performing Voice 2023 - May 12 and 13th


In The News

Abstract submissions are now being accepted. Please submit abstracts by February 1, 2023. 

COVID protocol for the Northwest Voice Conference:

We are requiring masks (KN95/N95 strongly recommended) to be worn in the Alder Hall Auditorium and in the lobby (except when eating/drinking). Podium speakers may remove masks during presentations. We will require all attendees and vendors to sign in at the registration desk. By doing so you are attesting that you are fully vaccinated or have a negative test result within the previous 48 hours, and that you are not currently experiencing any COVID symptoms or known to have been exposed to COVID.

This program is offered for 1.15 ASHA CEUs (intermediate level, professional area). ASHA CEU Provider approval does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products or clinical procedures.

This conference will discuss and inform how the fields of medicine, speech pathology, voice science, & singing/voice pedagogy can collaborate & coordinate efforts to best habilitate and rehabilitate the performing voice. Medical treatments, including surgical options, behavioral therapies, singing/voice teaching techniques, and voice science research will be presented, demonstrated & discussed through individual & panel presentations. Please go to the Program page for detailed information about presentations and speakers.